-“Mi Moreno"; Mi negro:
Assuming these are words of affection. any suggestions for translation to english?

also translation of:
2-¿A qué corresponde? In the context of criticizing a person for wearing suggestive clothing: ie: y esta bata, ¿a qué corresponde?
3-Preguntas leseras: stupid questions?
Hi profesora.

I'm not an expert, but I'll give you my best answers based on what I found on the internet Emotion: smile

"Mi Moreno", "Mi negro", terms of endearment meaning "my friend/pal", typically among people in Cuba but perhaps other Latin American countries as well. Moreno refers to brown/dark, negro to black, and it is a reference to skin color though it is usage need not be literal.

1) tironear => to pull/tug
2) I don't know about any special context. I couldn't figure that out.
3) lesera => adjective meaning something without importance,trivial,or silly (as in pointless)

Preguntas leseras => unimportant/silly/trivial questions.