Aquí está un conjunto de 3 preguntas un tanto intrigantes sobre que os podeis devanar los sesos:

1) — WHO IS THIS MAN?...

If If you begin with 500 and end with 500, then, put 5 in the middle between the first letter and the first number and put all of them together, then you’ll have before you the name of an eminent king.

2) WO AM I?...

I begin sorrow. I end sickness. Without me Happiness can not be be expressed. I am in the middle of crosses. I am always in risk, but never in danger. You may find me in the sun though I’m never out darkness!

3) — WHAT IS IT? It is found at the head of a comet and also in the middle of a volcano!

ojo: The foregoing puzzles are "kid stuff", bu if only for the heck of it... maybe you should sort of try to rack your brains

a little over it!.. Despues de todo, no hay nada que perder por si acaso fraqueséis,no? Emotion: wink [H]M

Aquí están unas pistas sobre las preguntas dadas arriba:

1)— Hay 4 opciones posibles:

a) Rey SAUL

b) Rey DAVID



2) y 3) — You have to have a pair of keen eyes for words to find the appropriate answers for these!
Hola otra vez:

Still don’t know the answers to the 3 questions? Bueno. os voy a dar una segunda y ojala ultima oportunidad, es decir, otras pistas más!


1)Pensadlo en terminos de“Roman Numerals”: What is 500 in Roman numerals? And what about 5, also in Roman?

2) y 3)— One question used to be very popular among the kids of my neighborhood way, way back. If you can manage to answer this question correctly, then by extension you should be able to make the connection that will lead you to the correct answers to the two puzzles given above.

The question goes like this: “What can be found in front of a woman that can also be found behind a cow?” (Sounds naughty, but it really is not!). If you can tell what this is, then apply the same “principle” to the two given puzzles.

Espero que esto baste por ahora.