I'm Iván from Spain. I'm 16 years old and as you can see, a native speaker of Spanish.

I am doing a course of Spanish for foreigns on MSN, and I'm looking for people who are interested in this course.

In the course we have two different parts:

-> A course for beginners: Greetings, how to introduce yourself, how to describe things, persons and cities, dialogues, numbers, colors and food.

-> A course for advances: Verbs, grammar, texts and dialogues.

They are totally free. The first course is twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and the second is once a week (Wednesday). The hours for them are:

Beginners (Tuesday and Thursday) -> 16:30 til 17:30

Advances: (Wednesday) -> 17:30 til 18:30

If you can't be online in a lesson, I'll send you the lesson to your email.

You just have to add [edited by mods, please add your msn address to your profile]and tell me your Spanish level. You can reply to my post also. Come on, learn Spanish! Emotion: big smile
Can i have the material? I think i can't join that lesson. I'm in Southeast Asia and it 8 hours from Spain.
Hola Iván,

¿Cómo está? Soy irlandés y he estado estudiado español para hace 7 años ahora. Sin embargo, obviamente en irlanda, la idioma predominate es inglés (no es irlandés...jaja!), y por eso, no hay una falta de oportunidades a practicar español, y así mi español no mejora...de hecho, es empeorando, como verás! jaja!

Estaría muy agredecido si puedas enviarme la clase para los estudiantes avanzados, y si quieres nos podemos charlar en MSN o algo.

Mi correo es [edited by mods please register and add your e-mail address to your profile]
Tu correo fue quitdada de tu anuncio... no sé por qué

Espero que mi correo no sea quidata también! jaja

Pues nada,

hablaremos pronto

Hola Iván,

I think you should specify the time zone just to be sure, and how exactly they can get to the meeting or the lessons.